made out of GLASS

Glass Wheel Glass Piston Glass Frame Glass Waterchamber Plug get the idea


a very, very tranparent




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(So far there have been two engines auctioned, and both ended up in Canada. Apparently, Canadians know how to appreciate a fine steam engine.)

There is a single glass steam engine in the US on sale on Ebay right at this very moment!

Early enough to get it before Christmas :-)

It is the only piece available this year, and only the second piece ever being sold on this continent.

Head over to the auction right now.

Don’t miss out because you’re lazy.

The Best Christmas present
there is.


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Some of the raving YouTube comments

Most of us probably couldn’t make a steam engine if it was a child’s model set. This person made one out of glass. That impressive!


Amazing! What wonderful engineering 5 stars – and then some!


That was perhaps the most creative and inspiring video i have seen on you tube in a while.

Kit Cloudkicker

omg so fucking kick ass dude!!!


This is f…… amazing! I’m really impressed!


That’s the most impressive thing I’ve seen in a long while.

Raymond Ashby

It’s both the coolest glass sculpture and mini-steam engine I’ve ever seen.


One of the ultimate master piece. It is ultimate art with extraordinary engineering.


i spent the whole video saying “Wowwwwwwww. I cannot believe that’s glass.

Thinking Aloud

We concurr. It is incredibly impressive and incredibly hard to make a working steam engine model out of glass. Why don’t you look

The Original Glass Steam Engine Video

well over 1 500 000 views on youtube and counting